How do I save files after scanning?

Our sample apps like Scanner and Room Capture do not save files, because they are intended as jumping-off points for developers to create their own modifications.

However, we have included an email functionality, that will allow you to send scans directly from the app via WiFi.

Simply press the arrow to the right of the name of the scan (this defaults to a time stamp, and is located in the center top of the application window). You will see a small list appear. If you have set up an email client for your iPad, press "Email Scan" to email your scan.

If you have not set this up for any reason (for instance, you are using a brand-new iPad), you can follow these simple instructions:

Your scans will include:

(1) an .OBJ mesh, containing 3D information and mapping points;

(2) a .JPG, containing color information;

(3) a short message.

Just press "Send" like you would normally to send the message, after entering an email address in the "To:" field.

{If you would like to modify the sample applications to save by writing to disk, you will need to download Xcode. Then, follow the suggestions in this post from our forums:

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