Can I use Structure Sensor with Windows, OS X, Android or Linux?

The Structure Sensor has been designed to be a great device for both iOS and non-iOS users and developers. Here are some of the resources available for those who wish to use the Structure Sensor with non-iOS platforms:

  • The USB Hacker Cable allows the Structure Sensor to connect to any non-iOS device with a USB 2.0 port and support for USB Host Mode:
  • CAD files of the Structure Sensor are publicly available so that anyone can design and 3D print an attachment bracket for their non-iOS device: Download starter CAD V1.1
  • The Structure Sensor is Open NI2 compatible so Windows, Linux, OS X and Android developers can continue to create new applications for their preferred devices:
  • The Structure Sensor and SDK Forums are available to all users, with an active community of developers providing support and additional resources for non-iOS users
  • Regular updates are added to our Android development page as new resources become available:

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