Does the Structure Sensor (ST01) work with Android?

Yes! The Structure Sensor (ST01) was designed to be used with almost every platform, and there are developers around the world who have used Structure Sensor (ST01) for 3D scanning, mapping, and object detection on Android. However, please keep in mind that the high-level Structure SDK is not available for Android. Instead, you must use open source OpenNI drivers and other software.

There are three important things you need to keep in mind when using Structure with Android:

  1. We do not manufacture attachment brackets for Android devices (there are too many different models!). However, you can use our Starter CAD to create and print your own bracket (CAD experience required). Download starter CAD V1.1
  2. At this time, we don’t plan to offer the demos or other fully featured apps for Android devices. However, you can use OpenNI2 to build and deploy apps to Android. Learn more at our OpenNI resource page.
  3. Your Android device must have support for USB Host Mode accessories. For more information about this, we’ve created an Android page where you can find more information on USB Host Mode, and about using the Structure Sensor on Android.
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