What is your return policy?

Within 30 days of delivery, you may return an unopened, unused Product to Occipital for a refund. If your Product has been opened and used, it is no longer eligible to be returned under the 30-Day Return Policy.

To initiate a refund and to arrange for the return of the Product, contact Occipital at support@structure.io to request a Return Authorization (RA). You are responsible for the costs of shipping the Product back to Occipital.

In the case of an unopened, unused Product, the amount refunded to the customer is the original amount paid minus a 10% restocking fee and minus any original shipping fees paid by the customer.

Any items damaged due to reasons not covered under our Hardware Limited Warranty (for example, if the Product is damaged due to abuse or disassembly of the Product) cannot be returned for a refund.

Products that have been opened and/or used may only be returned to Occipital if they are found to be defective per the terms of the Hardware Limited Warranty.

For more in-depth information about our return policy please check out our terms of sale. https://structure.io/terms-of-sale

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