How do I export a 6DoF motion path?

Developers Only:

First, you will need to run the Unbounded Tracker sample app located within the SDK.

After opening the Unbounded Tracker sample, press the “Jump To Lab” button to start in an area with open space.

To start recording a path, tap the “Record Path” button

Have some fun with it. Go up and down, too. When you’re satisfied, press the “Stop Recording” button

Back away from where you stopped recording to see a display of the path you just recorded. To mark the current playback position, we show a 3-axis marker and a view frustrum. We put a string of white spheres in the world to show the path; spheres are placed farther apart when the player is moving faster.

Press “Play Last Path (of X)” to watch the camera path replay in real time!

The motion path files are exported to the iTunes File System within the UnboundedTracker app in the COLLADA (.dae) format.

For more in-depth information on how to use the motion path record feature check out  this post on our community forums.

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