What cables should I use and what is the maximum cable length that can be used with Structure Core?

Structure Core complies with the typical USB-C compliant cable lengths. 

With respect to extension cords, we have seen some that work and don't work. Often cables are USB 2.0 only and not USB 3.0 (which we strongly recommend using for the best possible results).

General Guidance: 

Many other USB-C to USB 3 cables will work, but this is a list of some that we have tried.  When selecting a cable, it’s most important to ensure that your cable is USB 3.0 / 3.1 compatible. Some USB-C to USB-A cables are designed exclusively to charge phones and only support USB 2 speeds - these cables will work, but introduce an unacceptable amount of latency to the system.  Additionally, most Type-C <-> Type-C cables on the market support USB-2 only.

Structure highly recommends purchasing a cable listed below, or looking for advertised features such as “USB 3.1 support”, “Thunderbolt 3 support”, or “Full-featured Type-C” when selecting a USB-C to C cable.   

USB-C to USB-3.0 A Cable

Anker PowerLine (3.0 ft)


Cable Extenders:

Structure recommends testing longer cables before relying on USB extenders or hubs.  If an extender is necessary, Structure highly recommends “active” extenders that re-drive the USB 3 data signals and have an external 5v (Vbus) supply that connects nearby Structure Core (to reduce voltage-drop related issues).  

AmazonBasics USB 3 Extender (3 meters)


USB-C to USB-C (Only for very new PCs/Macs)

Belkin USB-C<->USB-C 3.1 Cable (1.6 ft / 3 ft)


AmazonBasics USB-C<->USB-C 3.1 Cable (3 ft / 6 ft)


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