My app says "Please connect Structure Sensor"

The first step in the troubleshooting process is always a hard restart of your iOS device:

Next, make sure there is a clear connection between your Structure Sensor and iOS device:

  • Check the charging port at the bottom of your iOS device for damage and/or debris
  • Check the Lightning Connector cable ends for any foreign substances, and clean both ends of the cable with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

If you are you still experiencing the same issue after restarting, please send the following information to to help us investigate:

  • Structure  Sensor serial n umber (this can be found either on the back plate of the Sensor, the outside of the sensor gift box or in the settings menu of the Structure app)
  • iPad Model Number (A####) - found on the back of the iPad in tiny print
  • iOS Version
  • Screenshots of each app you are using (while the app is open), particularly the Calibrator app, and any error messages you are receiving

Once we receive your information, we'll follow up with you to provide additional recommendations.

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