Which apps are compatible with Bridge Engine?

The following apps support Bridge Engine:

Calibrator icon

Precisely align 3D depth from your Structure Sensor accessory to your iOS device's camera. This enables better full-color 3D scanning, accurate realtime occlusion in AR games, and optimal performance of the Structure Sensor in all Structure applications.

A simple user interface guides you through the calibration process in just a few minutes. Calibration results are saved to the accessory and are immediately accessible in other apps.

A curious robot who can be programmed with Bridge Engine to do new things.

Mr. Town
Choose from a wide variety of objects and patterns to build your mixed reality town.

Create stunning dances with augmented reality visualizations.

Punch holes in the real world to reveal an ethereal world you've never seen before.

In a world gone mad, is one's home a castle or a final resting place?

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