Enabling OCC files and sending them to Occipital

If you are having concerns with your Structure Sensor (Mark II) and Structure SDK (iOS), specifically related to scanning our support team may request an "OCC" file.

What is an OCC file?

OCC files are a proprietary file format created by Occipital. They include information about your frame rate, all feeds (depth, IR, RGB Color camera) recorded into a handy file.

Why would I be requested to send this file?

We typically request developers send a file to see what your sensor is seeing. This helps us troubleshoot odd scanning behavior where your sensor might not be seeing as we expect, or we want to understand how you are scanning.

If you're on board, here is how to send an OCC file to Occipital during troubleshooting:

  1. Download the latest Structure SDK (iOS)
  2. Open Scanner.xcodeproj from Structure SDK → Samples
  3. Find ViewController.mm
  4. Uncomment the lines following "Uncomment the following lines to enable OCC writing"
  5. Build and Run the app on your iOS device. If you are hardwired, you will need to build and run, then stop running. Alternatively, you can build and run wirelessly!
  6. Once you have this sample app running, scan the object you're having trouble with.
  7. Hit "Done"
  8. Find the .occ file on your computer (Instructions for Windows & MacOS pre-Catalina or macOS Catalina/newer)
  9. Send this file to Occipital via your existing communications
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