Can I use Structure Sensor (ST01) with an iPhone?

Yes! The original Structure Sensor is compatible with the following iPhones: 

7 8
XS Max 11
11 Pro 11 Pro Max

You will need custom calibration measurements to align the iPhone's color camera with Structure Sensor's depth feed. For information on generating custom calibration measurements, please check out this page.

You can download the Calibrator App here.

For 3D scanning, you can download the Scanner App from the app store. For high fidelity 3D scanning check out Skanect

You will need a case to attach Structure Sensor to your compatible iPhone. For iPhones 6, 6 Plus, 7, 8, X and XS, check out these great cases available at Shapeways

You can also design your own case using our Starter CAD.

Please note: some apps are only compatible with Apple iPads. Currently, there are around 20 apps that are compatible with iPhone and the original Structure Sensor. If you have questions regarding a particular third-party app, please reach out to their respective support teams to determine whether their app is compatible with your iPhone. 

Structure Sensor iPhone 6 Case by Max Tönnemann 3d printed

Although we have not tested our sensor with iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus, one of our customers has created their own attachment case which can be found here. (This case has not been tested either) 

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