App Submission Process Steps


Apple requires all iOS apps that communicate with Apple approved Made for iPad (“MFi”) devices be registered with Apple. This registration process officially associates your app with the Structure Sensor and can only be registered by Structure, as we are the manufacturer of the product.
This document defines the guidelines and process by which you must submit your completed Structure Sensor app to Structure for review and approval.

When To Submit Your App For Review

New Apps
Before Apple will approve your app to the App Store you will need to be approved via our App Review Process. This allows us to review your app, and whitelist our Product Plan ID (PPID) into Apple's system.
Existing Apps
If you are updating or adding new features, we would like to do a quick review of your app. If we have not seen your app in over a year we may contact you to request an update to ensure you are compliant with our current requirements, including but not limited to using the latest version of Structure SDK (iOS). 
Featured Apps
If you are interested in being placed on our Supported Apps page, but had not requested to be on this page during your initial submission or yearly re-review.
* Please consider adding (14) business days to your production/launch schedule to allow for Structure App Review Process, plus take in account for Apple's separate App Store Review Process.

App Submission Process

1. Develop your app 
Ensure the app is on the latest version of Structure SDK (iOS), and supports Structure Sensor Pro.
2. Submit your app to Apple TestFlight Program 
Share your app with Structure via Apple’s TestFlight. A couple of things to remember when sharing your app with us:
Invite Structure as an External Tester in TestFlight.
The Structure tester email address to invite to test your app should follow this format: (e.g., including the “+” sign).
3. Complete Structure App Submission Form
To properly review your Structure Sensor app, Structure needs information from you – submit your app information with our App Submission Form.
4. Review By Structure 
What to expect during the app review by Structure
We will review your Structure Sensor app according to these guidelines and respond with an approval decision or requested changes within ten (10) business days. If the app is not approved, you will receive a response with the reason(s) and requests for modification(s) (if any) to your app before you re-submit your Structure Sensor app to Structure for approval.
5. Whitelisting 
Once your is approved, your Structure Sensor app will be added to the whitelist via Apple’s MFi portal, and we’ll send you the Product Plan ID (“PPID”) to include in your app submission. The Apple MFi portal may take as long as 24 hours to sync information between its MFi portal and the certification list of Apple’s App Store review process.
6. Review By Apple 
Once approved by Structure, you will receive the Structure Sensor PPID to include in your Structure Sensor-enabled app to the App Store. Apple will then approve or reject your app submission independently of Structure. Apple’s App Store guidelines are independent from Structure's guidelines, Structure recommends you review them. Those guidelines can be found here:
Please note that your iOS app updates do not need to be re-submitted for PPID whitelisting, however, we ask developers to resubmit their app to our App Submission Process once a year to ensure you are compliant with our current guidelines.
Structure reserves the right to remove apps from its whitelist if they no longer adhere to Structure's guidelines.

Additional Tips & Tricks
  • Consider adding fourteen (14) days in your production/launch schedule to allow for Structure's app review process and for Apple’s App Store to recognize your app’s inclusion in the Structure Sensor product plan.
  • See Apple’s TestFlight Intro Videos if you’re new to TestFlight.
  • If you're new to App Store development and TestFlight, check out Ray Wanderlich's TestFlight Tutorial Page for a quick overview on setting up an External Tester TestFlight.
  • Submitting your Structure-enabled app to the App Store without a PPID will be rejected by Apple.

This information will evolve as Apple changes its policies. Please check back frequently before you complete your app to adhere to the latest process and guidelines.

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