Preflight check before submitting to TestFlight

Before submitting your app to TestFlight we recommend reviewing the following items to ensure your app meets these requirements. These guidelines are the items Occipital checks during your review, so meeting these requirements will ensure your review is completed as soon as possible!

Many of these following guidelines pair what our users expect and how users expect to be communicated with regarding the operation of their sensor. For consistent and expected communication with users, we require use of our Artwork for Structure Apps. Images you will see alongside our guidelines will be sourced from this .zip file.

⚙️ Minimum Operating Requirements

Structure Sensor-powered apps must be built using the latest available version of the Structure SDK and conform to Apple’s iOS App Review Guidelines.


 Download the latest Structure SDK

✅ Develop your app to support Structure Sensor (Mark II)


☑️ App displays the “Built for Structure Sensor” graphic on your launch screen that is displayed upon app launch

☑️ App must include an outlet (e.g. email address) to communicate Support issues to developer

Functionality and Managing Connections

☑️ Grant Camera Access on first app launch / first sensor initialization

☑️ Shows “Structure Sensor Required” on the first launch of Structure Sensor functionality

☑️ Shows “Please connect Structure Sensor” after first sensor initialization and does not crash

☑️ When the user connects Structure Sensor, the app displays "Sensor is initializing. Please wait..."

☑️ Low Battery indicator when less than 5% battery

☑️ Shows “Please charge Structure Sensor” when the battery is depleted

☑️ App appropriately handles plugging, unplugging of the sensor at various places within the app

☑️ “Calibrate Now” notification


☑️ The app will provide a user experience that does not diminish users’ perceived quality of the Structure Sensor and its performance.


☑️ The app will not freeze, crash or inhibit the performance of the iOS device or any other app, Structure Sensor or any other device required for your Structure Sensor app to operate.


☑️ The app will provide a user experience that is new and unique, and that does not substantially duplicate or otherwise replicate functionality already found in other apps created for the Structure Sensor (including the SDK Sample Apps)

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