Why does Structure display "Uplink failed to connect"?

Uplink is a great technology that allows you to use your iPad as a conduit to wirelessly stream your 3D scanning data directly to your Windows PC or Mac, utilizing your computer's more powerful processor and bypassing the iPad's limited memory and processing power. 

However, it is frustrating when you are unable to make this connection. The instructions below pertain to this error message:

If you have tried to make several connections to Uplink, but your computer won't recognize the connection, your app will likely display this error. 

The most common problem lies in your firewall settings.

  1. Close Structure on your iPad and Skanect on your computer.
  2. Make an exception with your firewall on port 6666.
  3. Launch Skanect first.
  4. Launch Structure.
  5. Wait for your sensor to initialize, then tap "Uplink".

Another reason this error might appear is that several sensors may be attempting to connect to Skanect at the same time. Be sure to close out of all other apps and disconnect all other sensors.

Finally, if these don't seem to be causing the issue, try switching to a different network, either by setting up a hotspot with your smartphone, or by creating an ad hoc connection between your iPad and your computer.

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