What file formats does Structure Sensor support?

Exported file formats are dependent on the apps that you plan to use with the Structure Sensor. While some of these apps are built by Structure, others are created by third-party developers who choose the file formats they would like to support.

As an example, users who are interested in 3D scanning may first try the Scanner sample app from Structure SDK. This app exports to OBJ (Texture UV), STL, and PLY. Most all modeling programs and 3D printers can import and understand these formats.

Skanect Pro (available for both Window and Mac) allows file exports in STL, PLY, OBJ and VRML formats with color/texture options in per-vertex or texture UV. Skanect Pro can be used with a Structure Sensor and iPad through the wireless Uplink feature in the Structure app.

These formats can be easily converted to other modeling formats using programs such as Meshlab or Blender

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