Can I use Structure Sensor Pro for designing custom-made clothing?

Structure Sensor Pro can capture 3D models of people for fun. But it can also capture a body model for highly practical purposes too. Want footwear that fits perfectly? Or eyeglasses custom fit to your face? How about getting a digital model of your customer for the perfect suit?

An appealing use case of Structure Sensor Pro is to get a 3D model for custom-made clothing. 

You can check out and download this Sketchfab model:

Which apps do you suggest?

If you want general object-scanning apps, we recommend the apps listed here.

If you want more specific body-scanning apps apps, we recommend more medical-centric apps, which can be found here.

Please note: at this time, there are no apps that can generate in-app measurements. Instead, you will need to import the file into a post-processor to generate your measurements. We suggest using Blender in this case.

For instructions on how to use the Measure tool in Blender, please check out this article.

Most apps will allow for the export of .obj files. Typically, an OBJ file has numbers as references but does not specify the measured units. The Structure Sensor default unit is meters, so when loading the scan into whatever post-processing program to generate the measurements, check the file import settings of the program to ensure the units are also set to meters. 

What do I need to get started?

A general setup contains the following items:

  • Structure Sensor Pro
  • iPad (not sold through us)
  • appropriate bracket
  • Lightning cable or USB-C cable, depending on iPad
  • (optional, but recommended) a Skanect Pro license

These and more are available through our web store.

Can my customers use these apps to scan themselves remotely?

No. In order to scan a person, you need a sensor and someone to do the scanning. This setup is intended for an in-person situation.

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