Getting Started - Why does my 12.9-inch adhesive bracket not align with my alignment tool?

The alignment tool included with the 12.9-inch adhesive bracket is intended for use with the first and second-generation iPad Pros and will not work correctly for the third-generation iPad Pro. Instead, the bracket must be aligned manually.

  1. Position the bracket so that the camera is centered within the bayonet opening, as pictured:
  2. On the back of the bracket, peel the backing off from all three adhesive pad pieces as shown.

  3. Align your bracket, so it is flush with the top edge of your iPad Pro.

  4. Slowly press the Bracket completely down on top of the iPad Pro.

    The bracket may slightly cover the round microphone on the back of your iPad--that’s normal and expected. 

  5. Attach your Structure Sensor to the bracket adapter, and you are ready to go!
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