Which accessories work with Structure Sensor Pro or (Mark II)?

Almost all of our accessories will work with Structure Sensor (Mark II) and Structure Sensor Pro. 

Here is a chart that illustrates what is compatible at a glance:

Accessory  Original Structure Sensor Structure Sensor Pro or (Mark II)
Supported brackets Yes Yes
Lightning connector cables Yes Yes
USB-C Cables Yes Yes*
USB Hacker Cable Yes For charging only
Wide Vision Lens Yes Yes
Structure Sensor AC power adapter Yes No
Structure Sensor Power Adapter Pro Yes No

Compatible accessories include:

  • All of our currently supported iPad brackets. (Deprecated models will not be supported)
  • Lightning connector cables
  • USB-C cables (see more below)*
  • USB Hacker cable > can be used for charging
  • Wide Vision Lens

Incompatible accessories:

  • Structure Sensor AC power adapter. Structure Sensor Pro and (Mark II) uses a USB cable (for charging).
  • Structure Sensor Power Adapter Pro
  • Some USB-C cables will not be compatible. USB-C cables with the separate right-angle adapter are not supported; only fully molded cables like the one pictured below are supported:

If your cable is unsupported you would be able to purchase a new one on our accessory page: https://store.structure.io/buy/accessories

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