How long does it take to charge Structure Sensor Pro and (Mark II)?

Structure Sensor (Mark II) and Structure Sensor (Mark II) Pro will normally take ~30 - 60 minutes to charge depending on the type of charger that you use with the USB charging cable. 

1.5A @ 5V = ~30 minutes (from a <5% charge state)

0.9A/7.5W @ 5V = ~60 minutes (from <5% charge state) 

0.9A can usually be expected from most computers. 1.5A can be expected from most USB wall chargers. 

Please Note:
Weaker power sources may cause your sensor to be unable to fully boot, putting it in a confused state that may cause it to charge much more slowly, or not at all. Be sure to connect your sensor to an ample power supply.

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