Structure Sensor Pro - FAQs

What is Structure Sensor Pro?

Structure Sensor Pro is our first sensor built from the ground-up for healthcare. Improving on the platform we launched with Structure Core and Structure Sensor (Mark II), we’ve re-visited everything from our manufacturing and calibration process to our warranty to ensure Structure Sensor Pro meets the current and future needs of healthcare professionals around the world. When using Structure Sensor Pro, three descriptors come to mind: reliable, consistent, and state-of-the-art.

Is this sensor any better than the original Structure Sensor or Structure Sensor (Mark II)?

Across hundreds of tests we’ve consistently seen better, more consistent scan quality with Structure Sensor Pro. With new features in Structure SDK like depth refinement and the all-new Dark Object preset, developers can get better results with Structure Sensor Pro in even the most demanding environments. 

Will my apps still work with Structure Sensor Pro? Will they also work with Mark II?

Structure Sensor Pro will work with any app built on Structure SDK (iOS) 1.1 and newer. To take advantage of new, Structure Sensor Pro-specific features like depth refinement, we encourage developers to update their apps with Structure SDK 1.2. All Structure apps (except Skanect) have already been updated to work with Structure Sensor Pro. Please reach out to the developer of your particular app for their timeline and status.

Additionally, we’re committed to providing support for Structure Sensor (Mark II) alongside Structure Sensor Pro in Structure SDK.

Will Skanect work with Structure Sensor Pro?

Structure Sensor Pro is compatible with Skanect only over an Uplink connection. We have no plans to enable USB-tethered scanning with Structure Sensor Pro and Skanect.

Can I use my old brackets and cables with Structure Sensor Pro?

Yes! All accessories that worked with Structure Sensor (Mark II) are compatible with Structure Sensor Pro.

Which iPads work with Structure Sensor Pro?

Structure Sensor Pro will work with any iPad released in 2015 or after. For a full list of compatible iPads, please see this article: Which iPads can I use with Structure Sensor Pro?

However, for the best experience, we strongly recommend using Structure Sensor Pro with iPads that use a USB-C connector. This simplifies the user experience by enabling you to charge just your iPad. Additionally, newer USB-C iPads like the iPad Pro (2020), iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro (2021) are powerful mobile devices that make scanning easier and more seamless.

Please note, we periodically deprecate older iPads. iPad models are formally deprecated for two reasons: 1) generally Apple no longer supports iOS updates to the latest version of its software, locking them on an older version that we are unable to test, and 2) the hardware itself is less powerful and less capable handling the processing power required to run our software and scans.

Deprecated iPads may experience more hangs, crashes, and other unexpected issues, and in those cases we cannot offer support or solutions to solve these problems. 

What is the battery life of Structure Sensor Pro?

Structure Sensor Pro runs for approximately 60 minutes when actively scanning. Quite a few things can affect battery life, including frequency of use, discharge cycles (i.e. do you charge the sensor when it has 80% battery remaining or do you let it deplete completely?), and extreme temperatures.

To preserve the sensor’s battery life, please ensure your battery maintains a minimal charge instead of depleting it entirely. Additionally, we suggest unplugging the sensor once it is completely charged and storing the sensor at room temperature. Do not leave it in a freezing car overnight or in the hot sun during the day.

For the best experience and longest runtime, we strongly recommend using Structure Sensor Pro with iPads that use a USB-C connector. When used with a USB-C enabled iPad, Structure Sensor Pro can scan while your iPad is charged.

I have an old sensor, can I trade it in for a new one?

Unfortunately, we are no longer taking back older sensors for tradeup credits towards new sensors.

How do I cancel my order?

Often, our orders are processed quickly but we will try our best. In the case where we are unable to cancel your order, please reach back out and let us know so we can process a return. Alternatively, you could reject the shipment before it is delivered.

I need to return, how do I do that?

To return, you can reach out to If you have an account already setup, you can initiate this on your own. Please refer to: how do I return? Please refer to our terms of sale for warranty eligibility and our return policy.

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