Getting Started - How Do I Find My Sensor's Serial Number?

    Providing our support team with your serial number can help us find your order, retrieve debugging logs, determine your sensor type, and much more.

    This article aims at providing several easy ways to locate your sensor's serial number.

    On your sensor's box, and on the box sleeve.

    In the Structure app.

    The Structure app is a great tool for monitoring your sensor's health, checking the battery level, and updating firmware. To find your sensor's serial number in the Structure app:

    1. Download the Structure app from the App Store.
    2. Connect your sensor and launch the app.
    3. Once your sensor initializes, tap the "i" icon in the upper right corner. This will open a modal that lists the battery level, model number, firmware version, and serial number.

    In the iPad Settings app.

    Your iPad will recognize your sensor as an accessory and list certain information about your sensor, including the serial number. To find this:

    1. Tap the Settings icon on your iPad home screen.

    2. In the General Section, tap the "About" button.

    3. scroll to the bottom. Under "Bluetooth", tap "Structure Sensor".

    4. Your model number, firmware version, and serial number will be listed.

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