What is the difference between the original Structure Sensor and Structure Sensor Pro/ (Mark II)?

You can see a side-by-side comparison below:

Specs Comparison

Structure Sensor (Mark II) orthograph

Structure Sensor orthograph

Dimensions 109mm L x 18mm H x 24mm W 119mm L x 28mm H x 29mm W
Weight 65 g 95 g
Depth Processing On-device using NU3000 On-device using PS1080 ASIC
IMU 6-Axis (Gyro & Accelerometer) X
Camera Shutter Global Shutter Rolling Shutter
Depth Resolution 1280 x 960 640 x 480
Recommended Range 0.3m to 5m+ 0.4m to 3.5m+
FOV 59 x 46 58 x 45
Use Environment Indoor & Outdoor Indoor Only
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