Why does my new Mark II say "Please Connect Structure Sensor"? It IS connected!

The first thing to check when evaluating whether your sensor is faulty is the light sequence.

When plugging in your sensor to a computer with the charging cable, it will flash three times with both the red and blue LED lights. This is the sensor initializing. If it turns blue afterwards, this means it is charging normally. 

If your sensor shows a red LED, please unplug it, make sure the front glass plate is free from dirt and smudges, move away any nearby objects, and replug it back in. If your LED light still returns as red, please contact support@structure.io and send us a short video of your red light and set up.

Next, please ensure the apps you are using have been upgraded to work with Structure Sensor (Mark II). For a list of compatible apps, please check out this article: Which apps can I use with Structure Sensor (Mark II)? Please also make sure you are using the most current versions of these apps. For instructions on how to update your apps manually, please check out this article: https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-update-apps-on-iphone-ipad/

Apps that have not been upgraded to specifically work with Mark II will ask to connect to Structure Sensor or to ask you to charge your Structure Sensor. If you have a particular app that you require that is not on the list, we ask that you contact that developer directly for an estimated availability date.

Finally, the initialization of the sensor takes longer than the original Structure Sensor. Please make sure to give it 5-10 seconds to fully initialize. If it doesn't seem to work, please keep the app running, unplug the sensor, and then replug it back in.

You can also try launching the app first with your sensor unplugged, and then plugging your sensor in once prompted.

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