Why does my new Mark II say "Please Connect Structure Sensor"? It IS connected!

To begin, please note that Structure, Canvas, and most third-party apps have not yet been updated to work with Mark II yet. A lot of developers are hard at work, but development for a new piece of hardware takes time.

Right now, the only apps available for Mark II are Calibrator, Scanner, and Room Capture. We’ll be updating this support article as time goes on. 

Make sure you have updated to the most current version of these apps.

Some users have had success disconnecting their sensors first, launching their app, and then plugging in their Mark II when prompted. 

Next, you need to pay attention to your new Mark II’s LED. When you plug in your Mark II, it will flash purple three times, followed by either blue or red.

If your sensor shows a blue LED afterwards, try starting the app, unplugging the sensor, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in (while the app is still running). This will reinitialize the sensor and cause the app to recognize it.Unlike the original Structure Sensor, the Mark II takes a bit longer (5-10 seconds) to initialize.

If your sensor shows a red LED, please unplug it, make sure the front glass plate is free from dirt and smudges, move away any nearby objects, and replug it back in. If your LED light still returns as red, please contact support@structure.io for more information with the serial number or your sensor found on the original gift box. 

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