Structure Sensor (ST02A/ST02B) Compatibility with iOS 17.0.x & iOS 17.1.x: Updates and Information 📱🔧

We are dedicated to providing you with the latest information regarding the compatibility of the ST02A & ST02B sensors with USB-C Apple devices and iOS 17.x released (2023.09.18). Our goal is to keep you informed and equipped with the most accurate information as we navigate through this compatibility situation.

ℹī¸ Resolution Status:

RESOLVED - In iOS 17.2 (Released 2023.12.11)

End Users (on iOS 17.0.x or iOS 17.1.x):

Structure Sensor (ST02A & ST02B) are incompatible with USB-C iPads/iPhones due to an Apple-related issue. To resolve this, kindly update your device to iOS 17.2 or a newer version.

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