How to Find Replacement Screws for Structure Sensor Pro and (Mark II)

picture of Structure Sensor (Mark II) screwed into a bracket

Every Structure Sensor (Mark II) ships with a package of screws that attaches the sensor to the bracket. However, it can be easy to lose these screws over time.

Fortunately, there is nothing special about these screws, and you can find replacements in just about any hardware store. Structure Sensor (Mark II) screws are:

  • M1.6x0.35 4mm long, Phillips Button/pan head, low profile.

You can find a bulk order of these screws from sites like Amazon:

Please note: please use the shorter screws included with your sensor to attach your sensor to your bracket and discard the screws that shipped with your bracket. These longer screws are not compatible with Mark II and using them may damage your sensor.

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