Which apps can I use with Structure Sensor (Mark II)?

The following apps support Structure Sensor (Mark II):

Calibrator 3.0.0 precisely aligns 3D depth from your Structure Sensor accessory to your iOS device's camera. This enables better full-color 3D scanning, accurate realtime occlusion in AR games, and optimal performance of the Structure Sensor in all Occipital applications.

A simple user interface guides you through the calibration process in just a few minutes. Calibration results are saved to the accessory and are immediately accessible in other apps. 

Scanner 1.10.3 captures objects in 3D with your Structure Sensor.

This simple and easy to use application allows you to capture 3D models of objects and people by simply walking around them with your iPad and Structure Sensor accessory.
Captured objects can be sent via email (uses OBJ format).
Download the Calibrator app for best color results. 

Room Capture 1.10.3 captures a 3D model of an entire room is now delightfully easy. Simply tap 'Start', and slowly pan around your room, and a model is built in realtime as you watch. When you've finished, the model can be explored with natural touch gestures.

Models are scale-accurate. You can use a measuring tool to measure the distance between any two points.

Structure 1.10.2 is the official companion app for the Structure Sensor Made-for-iPad accessory.

Structure App now supports Structure Sensor (Mark II). Structure Sensor (Mark II) will now connect to Skanect via Uplink. Structure App has now been optimized for newer iPad models (2017 and later) as well. Please note, iPad (7th gen) support will be added in the near future.

** Note: Structure Sensor (Mark II) will not be able to update firmware and check the battery level in this version of the app. The next version of this app will include those features. Please also keep in mind, Mark II can only be used with Skanect wirelessly for now using Uplink. We plan on releasing tethered, USB support for Mark II and Skanect by the end of Q2 2020.

Known issues: 
-Sometimes switching to Uplink will crash the app. Restarting the app and Skanect fixes this.
-Sometimes the depth feed will fail to initialize. Restarting the app fixes this.

3DsizeME 2.0.0 is a portable, versatile and easy to use solution for human body 3D digitalisation.

Perform a scan quickly thanks to the Structure Sensor™. The intuitive and ergonomic interface allows an easy scanning process. The resulting scans, once imported in MSoft 3DsizeME, can be used for various applications.

3DsizeME combined to the Structure Sensor™ is particularly adapted to scan plantar surface, imprint, foot, leg, knee, torso, bust, and head.

itSeez3D 4.7.8 is a mobile 3D scanner that allows your iPad, with the Occipital’s Structure Sensor, to capture color and structure information of the world and process them into realistic 3D models. Use it to scan your family and friends as well as things you would like to copy in 3D, e.g., toys, shoes etc. Share your 3D models on sketchfab.com from the app and become a part of the growing 3D community!

SpinalTech3D Scan app 2.0 refines the process of ordering custom spinal orthoses in the Orthotic field. You can order from Spinal Technology by electronically integrating 3D scans, images, practitioner instructions, and filling out our custom spinal and scoliosis orthometry forms. 

Footletic 3D Scan 2.0 is a portable, versatile and easy to use solution for 3-D digitizing of the foot to produce foot orthoses. Perform a scan quickly thanks for the Structure Sensor™. The intuitive and ergonomic interface allows for an easy scanning process. The resulting scans, once uploaded to Footletic™, can be used for various applications.

Foothealth 3D 2.0 scanning by Foothealth UK is a portable and versatile scanning solution to take 3D digital images of the Foot for prescription made orthotics.

Easy to navigate and with a simple to use built in prescription form, this app removes the need for messy or time-consuming casting. With the added benefit of an easy click function to send all scans and details to our Laboratory swiftly and without fuss.

Stride Lite 3D 2.0 Stride Lite's mission is to provide quality Diabetic Shoes, Custom Inserts, Foot Orthotics, and AFO’s at the most reasonable price possible. They believe that their commitment to exceptional customer service, products, and programs has allowed them to earn the trust of their customers.

OPCenters App 2.0 offers the qualified clinical staff of Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers, Inc., a Florida-based orthotic and prosthetic company, a powerful tool to aid in accomplishing their mission: to raise the quality of prosthetic and orthotic care for all patients.

AOPS 2.0 scanning app is designed to streamline your digital fabrication needs. The app allows direct scanning of the patient models, or scan capture of your fiberglass impressions. Digital scans of your patients allow for quantifiable anthropomorphic measurements for increased accuracy and analysis to determine asymmetrical volume loss, and other changes to the patient model over time.


Canvas by Occipital is our residential 3D room scanning app, built with renovation professionals in mind. You can sign up to be notified when it's released here.

Check back here for more apps as our 3rd party developers update their apps. 

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