What are these presets and how can they help my app?

Since the release of Structure SDK (iOS) 0.10, we’ve added a few new options for those of you who have a Structure Sensor Mark II. These options include some capture session presets (STCaptureSessionPreset), gain settings (STCaptureSessionSensorAnalogGainMode), and exposure settings (STCaptureSessionSensorExposureMode).

This forum post will go into detail about these new options for the Structure Sensor Mark II and how best to use them.


  • STCaptureSessionPresetDefault
    • This preset is designed to fit most scanning use-cases but is not optimized for any specific use-case
    • Minimum Range: 57cm
    • Maximum Range: 10+ m
  • STCaptureSessionPresetBodyScanning
    • This preset is designed to fit the body scanning use-case
    • Minimum Range: 36 cm
    • Maximum Range: 98 cm 
  • STCaptureSessionPresetOutdoor
    • This preset is designed to allow the Structure Sensor Mark II to scan outdoors
    • Minimum Range: 58 cm
    • Maximum Range: 33 m 
  • STCaptureSessionPresetRoomScanning
    • This preset is designed to allow the Structure Sensor Mark II to best scan rooms
    • Minimum Range: 48 cm
    • Maximum Range: 621 cm 


Gain is the measure of the ability to increase the amplitude from the camera sensor.

The following settings can be used:

  • STCaptureSessionSensorAnalogGainMode1_0
    • Default (no) gain applied.
  • STCaptureSessionSensorAnalogGainMode2_0
    • Analog gain of 2x
  • STCaptureSessionSensorAnalogGainMode4_0
    • Analog gain of 4x
  • STCaptureSessionSensorAnalogGainMode8_0
    • Analog gain of 8x


Exposure, with this setting, is the amount of light per unit area reaching the dual IR depth cameras.

The following settings can be used:

  • STCaptureSessionSensorExposureModeInvalid
    • Invalid mode, cannot be used.
  • STCaptureSessionSensorExposureModeAuto
    • Auto exposure is enabled and will continuously function…
  • STCaptureSessionSensorExposureModeLockedToCustom
    • Auto exposure is disabled, and a custom exposure will be set.
  • STCaptureSessionSensorExposureModeLockedToCurrent
    • Auto exposure is locked to whatever the current exposure value is.
  • STCaptureSessionSensorExposureModeAutoAdjustAndLock
    • Auto exposure will run for a short period, and then lock itself once stable.
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